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Why having your website built professionally is better than using a web builder

So, you’ve realised that venturing down the path of web design is essential for maintaining a strong business presence, and growing your client base. With the world demanding fast and accessible information at their fingertips, that one is a no brainer!

However, then comes the question about how you delve into this process to generate successful results. Do you invest in a professional web design team or use a web building platform to do it yourself? The answer is clear. Outsourcing the help is vital to creating an effective and visually appealing sales tool that gives your business the independent edge it needs to thrive in the digital space. But we’re going to elaborate on some of these points in more detail to help you understand where your money is going!


Some of the key components of good web design Adelaide are functionality, simple navigation, quality content & imagery, ongoing management, and of course—creativity. This starts with choosing the right content management system (CMS) to support your website, and utilising the right plug-ins to create an attractive marketing tool that leads consumers straight down the path of committing to the sale.

Our professionals have put endless hours of research into which systems have the highest level of functionality, can support all the information your client-base needs, and have the highest level of compatibility with Google. There’s thousands of options out there, but through trial and error we’ve narrowed the options down to build products that stand the test of time, tick all of the boxes and are guaranteed to achieve a good online ranking!


This leads straight into the next factor that confirms professional web design is absolutely vital if you want to stay one step ahead of your competitors: search engine optimisation (SEO). We structure your website using specific design techniques that Google is highly responsive to, boosting your chances of receiving a higher ranking and increasing consumer traffic. Every aspect of your website from the layout and utilisation of headings, to the targeted keywords and backlinking ALL have an impact on how well it performs on Google. Take the stress off and let the professionals create a product that works!

Effective marketing

Having worked with hundreds of business owners across the country, we understand that every single business has a unique point of difference that sets it apart from the rest. However, effectively communicating that to your client-base is a whole new challenge, because marketing is a two way street.

You need to take a step back and put yourself in the shoes of the consumer to understand what information they need to prove your credibility as a worthy investment. And that’s where our research comes in! We analyse your competitors, your market, and invest time into understanding the ins and outs of your product so we can pinpoint all of the essential data that will position you as an unquestionable front-runner in your field.

A website isn’t just a pretty online face for your business. It’s a sales tool that is going to help you succeed and grow for years to come! Empower Web Design gives you the freedom to focus on your product and service, while we work in the background to ensure your online audience knows you’re number one. Contact us to lock in your consultation and get your web design in Adelaide moving!